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The Panoly

Established since 1989 as the pioneer luxury resort in Boracay, our mission is to bring a unique island experience to discerning guests seeking the perfect summer vacation.

Business Needs

Nestled on the best private beach on the white sands of Boracay, The Panoly Resort Hotel Boracay, a 4 hectare lush property, brings the best elements of nature, comfort and exclusivity, to create the perfect ambience for your island getaway. Creating budgets and projections is a challenging task for companies in the hospitality industry. Factors such as surges in the number of holiday travelers, marketing campaigns, and the skills of local hotel managers can determine how successful a chain is in filling its rooms. Historically, The Panoly performed its booking reservations, reporting and budget work using manually intensive and occasionally error-prone processes. These entailed entering data in Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheet at the head office, and then having large spreadsheets transmitted by email to the remote office. More manual data handling and consolidation was then needed to sort through the information.

Working with the company’s executive management, Apptics began looking for a more efficient technology solution that could help streamline these mission-critical business processes. The goal was to make it easier for employees at the chain’s hotels to enter information and for headquarters managers to quickly view that information to make more informed decisions.


The Panoly, working with Apptics, upgraded to a booking and reservation software and deployed a new website. Using ASP and MS Access to deliver a set of server-side applications, services, and features that support booking and reservation. The Panoly IT staff began a pilot test in late 2009.


By deploying Apptics IT Outsourcing, The Panoly is moving toward a much more efficient and productive system for performing mission-critical reporting and booking reservations tasks. The software dramatically speeds up the time it takes for data to arrive at corporate headquarters from remote office. What’s more, the tools are easy to use, ensuring quick adoption by hotel managers and senior corporate executives. Additionally, the IT department can carefully manage who has access to specific information, which helps to protect sensitive corporate information.

Services Provided:

  • Web Development and Maintenance

Technologies Used:

  • ASP 3.0
  • MS Access


This case study is for informational purposes only. APPTICS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY