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Licensing Executives Society Philippines

LES Philippines is the local Society of LES International, a worldwide federation of professionals involved in the transfer of technology, industrial and intellectual property rights.

Business Needs

LES Philippines is the local Society of LES International, the organization’s staff struggled to design custom reports that it could use to show manage membership information and information dissemination. The project involved multiple tasks, including gathering requirements from staff and officers with Apptics’ developers to design the membership database and website. The LES Philippine’s officers wanted to be able to quickly create reports themselves, post information in the website without HTML knowledge and develop an eCommerce site to accept payments for event registrations.


In early 2005, LES Philippines decided to have a website and be able to store membership information and send email marketing content. The organization wanted to outsource the whole IT function to a service provider.

Working with the Microsoft technologies, Apptics began creating a comprehensive membership database and a new website with internal search capability. It can browse through all contents, news and events from the website.

Next, the organization plans to implement an eCommerce site allowing members and non-members to pay for event registration in May 2009. As a result, members will be able to complete registration information and customize their accommodation ahead of time.

After successfully launching the new website and eCommerce platform, LES Philippines is seeing this opportunity to be greatly appreciated by the LES International organization.


With IT Outsourcing, LES Philippines can quickly manage membership information without IT assistance. They can implement solutions faster, and attract new members interested in working with self-service BI capabilities.

  • Faster Implementation
  • Simplified Reporting Capabilities
  • New Business Opportunities

Services Provided:

  • Managed Hosting
  • e-Commerce
  • Web Development and Maintenance

Technologies Used:

  • ASP.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Custom CMS

This case study is for informational purposes only. APPTICS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.