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4D Global Group

4D has been utilizing the advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities of Tekla modeling software since 1997. With this software, we create a highly accurate, scaled virtual Model of the structure which is data rich with all relevant Information necessary for procurement, fabrication & erection of every steel component in your structure.

Case Study

4D has been utilizing the advanced BIM (Building Information Modeling) capabilities of Tekla modeling software since 1997. In early 2009, as part of a new business initiative, 4D started a program to improve information management. A critical part of this initiative was giving employees self-service BI reporting capabilities and streamline business operations from bid to implementation so they could gather more useful data about local and regional customers.

This would be a challenge, though, because 4D had different data source in place throughout the organization. For 4D, having a unified solution was also critical for customer perception.

In mid-2010, 4D IT department started planning for a new, consolidated BI environment.


Because they were familiar with Microsoft technologies, 4D was determined to find a Microsoft BI solution. 4D concluded that Microsoft SQL Server 2005 was the right technology for its BI initiative. SQL Server 2005 includes new data analysis features including visualization, and presentation capabilities.

4D also wanted to explore integrating data with a third party software Tekla. In March 2010, Apptics proceeded to develop a 3 tier solution using ASP.Net and SQL Server. This system will streamline the whole business operation and provide a central repository of all customer, project and internal business data from bidding to implementation.

Once the new solution is fully deployed, the firm will have a centralized place for all its analytics information needs. External and internal users will be able to uniformly access and analyze millions of rows of data. The solution will rely heavily on Microsoft technologies and will aim to consolidate other legacy BI platforms into a single data warehouse w Users will also be able to quickly and easily create their own customer data reports using the dashboards.


The Apptics BI solution will give 4D employees better business insight by providing them with powerful data analysis capabilities and more detailed information. Also, the 4D IT department will have flexible analytical tools for the future.

  • Gives 4D Better Business Insight
  • Presents Unified View of Customer Data
  • Provides Flexible BI Model

Services Provided:

  • Managed Hosting
  • Web Development and Maintenance

Technologies Used:

  • ASP.Net
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Custom CMS


This case study is for informational purposes only. APPTICS MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY